Do you know these challenges from your tablet production?

  • Too much time required for format changes?
  • Increased maintenance and cleaning effort?
  • Poor performance by e.g. not achieving the desired hardness or weight deviation of the tablet?
  • Too much product loss?

If your answer is yes, then the KTP 590X or the S 710 Prime are the right solutions!

Be versatile…like no other!

The KTP 590X is a single sided, flexible, high speed tablet press. Optimised for fast change over between bi- and monolayer tablet mode without any modifications to the compression roller set-up and for high-speed effervescent tablet production. The machine can be equipped with up to 3 sets of pressure rollers to better achieve the desired tablet hardness and increase production speed.

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The S 710 Prime is Romaco Kilian‘s economical double-sided rotary press for high volume production. Fast product changes, short cleaning times and long maintenance intervals ensure optimal availability and virtually no downtime. In particular, the separation between the compaction and mechanical areas speeds up cleaning after every batch. Thanks to the exchangeable die table, the Kilian S 710 Prime is also very versatile.

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Be fast …like no other!

The KTP 590X single-sided rotary press boasts a maximum output of up to 510,000 tablets per hour, even in bi-layer mode.

Time savings through

  • Fast changeable die table: less then 20 minutes
  • Quick product and format changes: tablet chute and fill shoe can be swung out – no tedious readjustments
  • Two full size fill shoes for higher production speed

The S 710 Prime achieves 510,000 tabs/h for bi-layer tablets and up to 1,020,000 tabs/h for mono-layer tablets. This means excellent performance for demanding high volume products.

Time savings through

  • Fast changeable die table: less then 30 minutes
  • Tablet chute on a swivel arm which can be swung in/out quick and easily, without the need of re-adjustment
  • Only a few product contact parts must be removed for cleaning

Be cool…like no other!

The KTP 590X achieves effective cooling of the process area to below 30 °C – ideal for processing temperature sensitive formulations such as Ibuprofen. Its’ special compression rollers, bolts and bearings ensure lowest possible friction. The torque drive and the V-ring seal (for the die table) have an efficient cooling as well.

Be clean…like no other!

The KTP 590X and the S 710 Prime follows the principles of hygienic design according the GMP guidelines.

KTP 590X

Reduced cleaning through

  • Longer production interval between cleaning times due to complete separation between processing area, change over area and maintenance area.
  • Minimised risk of product contamination thanks to hygienic design allows faster cleaning procedures
  • Dust-tight tablet chute prevents powder escaping from the machine

S 710 Prime

Reduced cleaning through

  • Single piece design and v-seal ring to avoid that product penetrates the lower mechanical compartment.
  • Separation between the upper- (compression) and lower (mechanical) compartment for reduced cleaning effort.

Reduce product loss…like no other!

The KTP 590X and the S 710 Prime are both designed to reduce product loss to a minimum.

Highly efficient filling

The product scraper uses magnetics to ensure that it is pushed against the die-table surface with a constant force.

This ensures that it pushes nearly all product, which has been lost after the sealing segment, into the recycling groove.

Together with the optimised shape of our recycling groove the product loss is reduced.

Die table

Precision-manufactured die table (less than 5 µ) with low vertical wobble to reduce the powder loss.

Brake magnets

The KILIAN brake magnets do not touch the punch shaft, which leads to a constant brake force and a more homogeneous filling of the die.


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